Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Throughout the conference we'll be asking for your feedback, ideas, comments and feelings in several ways. You can join in the debates and feed back your Conference experience on this blog by emailing (two ees !) or joining the blog on ,  using your phone, ipad or laptop any time during the week. Although this isn't an 'official' RGS-IBG evaluation - it's part of our research - we will share all our data with them.

Delegate opening survey please click here: Delegate Opening Survey

You can use this blog to make contact with other delegates or interest groups, continue the academic debate, suggest sources, links, references and resources. We'll feed back content, responses, and survey results daily, to help you get a 'feel' for the Conference. If you're giving a paper, we'd like you to email a copy, or your presentation slides, so delegates can catch up with sessions they missed and you can make new contacts. We'd like you to check each day for our quick online surveys, and we'll feed back the results. 

You can share your views on video, upload images and text, or visit us in the RGS-IBG Pavillion for a 'vox pop' interview. We'll also be around and about with a range of qualitative evaluation techniques . 

This blog is a collaboration between RGS-IBG and two researchers, Sue Challis (Coventry University) and Quaco Cloutterbuck (London Metropolitan and Lancaster Universities). Sue is in her final PhD year, researching creative evaluation methods for creative community projects. Quaco lectures in Education, runs a digital-democracy community project, and is about to start a PhD about the role of digital literacy in social justice.

Delegate opening survey please click here: Delegate Opening Survey
Meanwhile ... Come and see us in the RGS Pavillion throughout the week - discuss creative & digital  research methods - watch a film about creative evaluation of community projects - and tell us what you think in a vox pop interview for this blog... or join us at...

Wednesday Session 2 Sunley Room RGS-IBG Hands on creative research workshop - with artist & researcher Sue Challis
Friday Session 2 Nightingale Room RGS-IBG Critique of creative methods +  online blog plus 'how to' with social justice researcher Quaco Cloutterbuck

Complete the conference opening survey here !
 Delegate Opening Survey

Special Postgrad survey on Tuesday page ! (click on  link) Postgrad Opening Survey

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