Fascinating session with Lib Straughton  - on creative research and creative evaluation - thanks for sharing Lib and everyone - lots of ideas about subverting hierarchies of text and talk, not creating new ones around 'being creative' and the challenge of interpreting data AND finding a way of presenting that in your paper or thesis (a picture speaks about 80k words...) 


 (by begging them) and 23 people did (out of 60? - Richard, how many were there?!) thanks to them ! The end of the Line (see image from poster below) said ' I got what I wanted from the PGF so far!' and the other end (same length again from the yellow sticky) said 'I'm disappointed by the PGF so far!' - we aren't showing that side because there were no stickers on it ...you can see, responses were overwhelmingly positive, although not clustered at the 'most positive end'.   

The (two) yellow stickers said: '12 minutes isn't a long time' (that one had another sticker on it, suggesting two responses) - referring to the time slots for each 'Cafe' session; and 'All PhDs share similar activities!'.

On another sheet, about feelings at the end of the session, 13 people 'stickered'  the phrase 'It's a good start to the conference!' (and one stickered 'I'm all fired up!). 8 People stickered 'Im nervous about the conference or my presentation' - and no-one said 'I'm disappointed so far', or  'I found it confusing'.

What do you think ?? was the evaluation valid ? was the sample too small ? Is it legitimate to add this in to the 'melting pot' of various evaluations going on all week? Answers on a postcard please !

Postgrad Tuesday Survey  Postgrad Opening Survey

Tell us what you feel today! Please take a few moments to complete this anonymous online survey about your hopes and concerns for the Conference. We'll post the results on Wednesday's blog and ask you how it went at the end of
      Bodymapping.Image Sue Challis

the week... you can also share your comments, images, messages, videos etc here, email createevaluate@gmail.com 

Although this isn't an 'official' RGS-IBG survey, we will share data with them ~  Sue and Quaco
Postgrad Tuesday Survey  Postgrad Opening Survey

Come and see us in the RGS Pavillion throughout the week - discuss creative& digital  research methods - watch a film about creative evaluation of community projects - and tell us what you think in a vox pop interview for this blog... or join us on...

Wednesday Session 2 Sunley Room RGS-IBG Hands on creative research workshop - with artist & researcher Sue Challis
Friday Session 2 Nightingale Room RGS-IBG Critique of creative methods + 'how to' online blog with social justice researcher Quaco Cloutterbuck

WORLD CAFE Sue's Bibliography for Creative Research
Bibliography Creative Methods

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