Survey Results

We've been evaluating the participant experience all week in various ways. Here's some 'quick and dirty' summaries of the online opening survey about delegates' hopes, expectations and concerns , plus some of the comments you made ... Friday please complete the 'end of conference' delegate survey Click here to take survey and we can compare notes! Meanwhile, we will leave the blog open for a couple of weeks so you could do it on the way home; and the RGS-IBG might contact you later to ask whether you put any of your conference experience (ideas, contacts, skills) into action.
People also added these indicators for success: 'I get to hear about the latest research in my field and learn about some new ways of doing it'; if I get new ideas for future research' ; 'If I feel I am intellectually nourished, sparked into more thought-making ideas'; 'Publishing the papers afterwards was easier'; and 'If there were more seminars relevant to my research focus'.

Other reasons for coming ? 'Swinging London :-) ', 'To keep updated in the latest trend in research, including theory and method'

Who are you ??? Qualitative or quantitative research ? Male / female ? and so on

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